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A fun day out which doesn't cost the earth!!  

The Pumpkin Express

All aboard The Pumpkin Express ! 

Take a seat, strap your child in and away we go for a

ride around the pumpkin patch! Always a bit hit with the

little ones ! 

Open to any age child as long as they can be strapped in,

are happy to ride and can fit in the carriage! 

The Bale Run

Who doesn't love a huge pile of bales ?!! Popular with children and adults, come and have some fun on our humongous bale run ! Wear the children out, let them run up and down and play hide and seek. Hours of entertainment, you may never get home !

The Rock Box

Run by our neighbouring farmer, The Rock Box is South Devon's most favourite beach side eatery.  The Rock Box offers the most fabulous pulled pork burgers from their own farm reared pigs. But the menu is extensive from chicken burgers, classics, halloumi, pizzas and lots lots more. 

Traditional Fun 

Try your strength on the High Striker ! Only the strongest will ring that bell ! And for the children, the Mini Striker and a prize every time ! 

Who can dislodge a balancing coconut at the Coconut Shy ? What looks fairly simple is surprisingly difficult ! Test your skill and accuracy 

Face Painting

Why not come to the South Devon Pumpkin Patch in a Halloween themed costume and let Leah compliment your outfit with a spooktacular face painted design of your child's choice. 

Nerf Gun Fun!!

Get ready .... aim .... fire !! Practice your nerf gun skills on our Monster targets ! We use Nerf Elite weapons and ample ammo to ensure you stand the best chance of attacking the Monster before he advances into your territory.  

The Beach !!

This glorious stretch of beach, South Milton Sands, is

just a 10-15 minute stroll from the South Devon Pumpkin

Patch. Leave your car at the Patch and walk on down! 

Being dog friendly, it's the perfect opportunity to let your furry friend burn off it's excess energy or treat the

children to an ice-cream or hot chocolate at The Beach House Cafe. 

Salcombe, Bantham &
Hope Cove 

The South Devon Pumpkin Patch is just a 10 minute drive from the old fisherman's village of Hope Cove, the picturesque harbour town of Salcombe or the fabulous beach at Bantham.  Why not go and explore these hidden gems before you head home.

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